About BIES

Bay Islands Escrow Services was founded with the goal of creating a true 3rd party for transactions in the Bay Islands of Honduras.  For years the brokers or attorneys have tried to provide this service to buyers and sellers.  The market in Roatan and the Bay Islands has matured in volume and complexity and now is the time for true Escrow services. Honduran banks or companies unlike in the United States do not provide this service.  We saw the need to provide these services to help our market match the level of professionalism provided in Mexico, Costa Rica, and others. 

Bay Islands Escrow Services is a United States corporation that, gives you the peace of mind of a United States company holding your money in the USA till the deal is done and it’s time to distribute.

BIES was founded by Michael Carter, real estate businessman and a long-time Resident of Roatan, and Elias Larach, Honduran businessman and homeowner in Roatan.

Our Team

Michael Carter

Michael is a long time Resident of Roatan (over 16 years) and he saw the need for independent escrow services similar to those in the USA, Mexico and Costa Rica. With twenty years of experience in Real Estate in the US and Roatan he partnered with Elias to create this opportunity to help the Real Estate market grow in the Bay Islands through a trusted 3rd party.


Elias Larach

Elias is a Honduran citizen with over 20 years of experience in banking and private equity, and who shares Mike's vision for helping develop the Real Estate market in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Angie Jones

Angie Jones originally from Roatan, Honduras. Loves interacting with people and providing great customer service. That’s one of the reasons why she enjoys working in an administrative role. She is always been interested to help in any way possible.