Why choose,
Bay Islands Escrow?


How does it work

BIES is a neutral third party that can be trusted by all parties involved. BIES is a US Corporation with banking in the United States, so we are your best choice. BIES provides:

Security – All parties to the Escrow agreement are ensured that payments will be made only once all established conditions are met as set forth in the legal agreements.

Efficiency – Funds are managed and distributed in a timely manner to the receiving party, usually within 24 hours of receipt of instructions.

Confidentiality - We respect our customers privacy so you can be rest assured that your transactions will be treated with a high degree of confidentiality.

Transparency – Documents for the transaction are available to all parties involved in the contract.

Coordination - Acting as a single point of contact, BIES will coordinate with all third party service providers (attorneys and brokerages) to close the transaction, including:

• Review the escrow agreement and instructions
• Establish the escrow account as specified under the agreement
• Comply with depository duties and disburse funds as provided under the agreement
• Provide statements and reporting as required
• Assist in resolving issues related to escrow